Netflix’s Latest Mexican Comedy ‘Have a Nice Day!’ Reviews

Netflix’s latest Mexican film, “Have a Nice Day!” (¿Encontró lo que buscaba?), has hit the streaming platform, and it’s generating some atttention among the service fanbase.

Directed by Yibrán Asuad and written by Javier Peñalosa, the comedy-romance movie stars Álvaro Guerrero and Andrea Chaparro, with Eduardo Minett, Fernando Larrañaga, Eduardo de la Peña, and Sidney Robote also making appearances.

The film’s plot follows a retired radio host named Enrique, who works at a grocery store to save up money for his former employer’s anniversary party. He hopes to reunite with the love of his life, Irma La Bomba, his former co-host on the radio show.

Enrique’s journey leads him to illegally sell pieces of cardboard and steel to fund his trip to Mexico, where he hopes to see Irma again. However, the film takes an emotional turn when it is revealed that Irma has passed away, leaving Enrique’s dream unfulfilled.

Reviewers have had mixed reactions about “Have a Nice Day!” While some praise the writing and storytelling, others feel that the movie is lacking in depth.

Riya Singh of Midgard Times writes that the film has a simple and sweet story, but it takes too long to gain momentum. Singh also notes that the movie only truly reveals its purpose in the last half-hour, leaving the audience confused for most of the runtime.

On the other hand, Ana Gomez of MartinCID Magazine argues that the film doesn’t need to “stand out” and instead achieves its goal of being a pleasant and kind movie that addresses the passage of time without resorting to absurdity or drama.

Despite the mixed reviews, “Have a Nice Day!” is still generating buzz as the latest addition to Netflix’s growing list of Mexican films. The movie has a runtime of 93 minutes and was released exclusively on Netflix on March 10, 2023.

Overall, “Have a Nice Day!” offers a heartfelt and emotional story of lost love and the power of nostalgia. While some viewers may find it slow-paced, others appreciate the movie’s simplistic and classic approach to comedy and romance.

‘Have a Nice Day!’ Netflix All Details

Country: Mexico

Duration: 93 minutes

Director: Yibrán Asuad

Writer: Javier Peñalosa

Cinematography: Martín Boege

Cast: Álvaro Guerrero, Andrea Chaparro, Eduardo Minett, Fernando Larrañaga, Eduardo de la Peña, Sidney Robote

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Available on: Netflix

Release Date: March 10, 2023

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