Netflix Series ‘In Love All Over Again’ Season 1 Reviews

Netflix’s new series “In Love All Over Again” has been generating mixed reviews from reviewers. Some have praised the series for its ability to take on the classic romance formula and play with an expansive timeline that covers the span of years between 2003 and 2022, revolving around a couple who fall in love, get together, split up, and reunite, again and again, and for all kinds of reasons.

Jonathon Wilson for ReadyStudyCut called the series “a very solid version of an age-old formula that fans will no doubt get a kick out of.” Similarly, Joel Keller for Decider said the show “isn’t trying to create a narrative where this on-again, off-again, on-again relationship between Julio and Irene is anything but a romantic comedy.”

However, not all critics were impressed with the series. Jason Flatt for called the series dull, saying “it has too many plot threads all over the place, and its main character’s back and forth between two love interests could not be more dull.”

Nupur Bosmiya for LeisureByte criticized the show for being “a thoroughly well-organised recount of their sexual encounters ending in bad decisions and some substance abuse” and “romanticizing deeply toxic relationships and characters.”

Despite these criticisms, some reviews have pointed out that “In Love All Over Again” could be a good watch for viewers who are in love or falling in love.

Veronica Loop of Martin CID Magazine said “this is a youthful series that constantly strives to re-encounter the innocent side some of us lost years ago and which is still there, in our college days, waiting to be found again.”

Overall, it seems that the series may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy romantic comedies and are looking for a new series to indulge in, “In Love All Over Again” might just hit the spot.

Star Cast:Georgina Amorós, Franco Masini, Carlos González

Netflix official plot description: Ever since they met, Irene and Julio have been falling in love, splitting up, and then trying again. Will they ever find their happy ending?

Creator: Carlos Montero

Season 1 Episode Guide:

  1. Meet cute
  2. Sleepwalking
  3. Talent
  4. I Forgot I Had Forgotten About You
  5. Never, Always, Not Ever
  6. Summer Camp
  7. The Intern
  8. The Power Of Words

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