Anya Taylor Joy hints at second season of 'The Queen's Gambit' on Twitter but quickly deletes tweet

BY Javed Baloch | 30/01/23 Images via Social Media

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Actress Anya Taylor Joy made a brief appearance on Twitter on January 30th and sent a tweet that hinted at the possibility of a sequel to the popular Netflix series, "The Queen's Gambit". 

However, the tweet was promptly removed shortly after it was posted, leaving fans wondering if the tweet was meant to be shared or if it was accidentally posted. 

Despite the deletion of the tweet, it has sparked excitement and speculation amongst fans who are eagerly anticipating any updates on the potential continuation of the show.

The Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit" was released in 2020 amid the pandemic and went on to achieve massive success, with over 62 million Netflix subscribers tuning in to watch at least one episode.

In the drama, Anya Taylor Joy portrayed the character of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy who rises to become a world champion.

The show has received widespread recognition as one of the best productions in Netflix's history.

Anya Taylor Joy's tweet was swiftly taken down after only being available for approximately 5 minutes. The tweet consisted of the simple statement "The Queen's Gambit 2". 

This was Taylor Joy's first tweet since November 2020, where she had reacted to a Netflix tweet about viewership success of the first seven-episode season of 'The Queen's Gambit'.