Conspiracy Theories Swirls as Harry Styles Wins Album of the Year Over Beyoncé at 2023 Grammys

By Javed Baloch -  09/Feb/23 Images via Social Media 

The 2023 Grammys saw Harry Styles win Album of the Year for "Harry's House," while Beyoncé took home the award for Best Dance/Electronic Album for "Renaissance."

The win was a surprise to many who expected Beyoncé's "Renaissance" to take the top prize, given its widespread popularity and critical acclaim

Styles' post-win statement, "this doesn't happen to people like me," offended Beyoncé fans, who saw it as hypocritical pointing Beyoncé's snub despite her being clear favorite.

Del's apparent walkout during Styles' acceptance speech fueled speculation about behind-the-scenes politicking that may have influenced the verdict.

Some fans launched their own investigations, including the fact that a Grammys producer's daughter's young voice featured at the start of Styles' song "As It Was".

Beyoncé's collaborator, producer The-Dream, also alleged some kind of larger conspiracy, tweeting that people love and consume Artist Z's work but make a different decision when it comes to awards.

Twitter was ablaze with reactions to the controversy, with fans expressing their opinions and speculating about the reasons behind the outcome.

The conspiracy theories surrounding Harry Styles' win only add to the intrigue and conversation about the 2023 Grammys and the role that behind-the-scenes influence may have played in the outcome.

Despite the conspiracy theories, Beyoncé stood and applauded Styles during his acceptance speech.