Dunki vs Salaar: Screen Count at Multiplexs Revealed

Box Office War for Christmas 2023:

Three major releases competing for premium screens in North India: Dunki, Salaar, and Aquaman 2.

screening Plans in North India:

As per PinkVilla, Dunki expected to get 46% of total showcasing in multiplexes, Salaar at 30%, Aquaman 2 at 14%, and the remaining 10% for Animal.

Single Screens Battle for Dunki and Salaar:

Distributors Pen Marudhar and AA Films are competing for max numbers of single screens. Fight could get ugly.

Dunki and SalaaR Runtimes and Genres:

Dunki has a runtime of 2 hours 40 minutes, targeting family audiences with a social dramedy genre.

Salaar's runtime is 2 hours 55 minutes, violent action, and therefore is rated 'A'.