Google Fined Rs. 936 Crores in India For Using Anti-Competition Methods

Via Geeks

Google accused by India's competition authorities of abusing its formidable presence on the Google Playstore to compel app developers to using Google's billing system.

The ruling also ordered Google to discontinue its unfair company operations within a set period, in addition to integrate new anti-competitive countermeasures.

According to Google Play Store guidelines, app developers must only apply the Google Play Billing System (GPBS) to take payments for apps available on Play Store.

App developers on Play Store are not permitted to use 3rd-party online payment services for in-app transactions or apps purchases by Google policies.

“Google has perpetuated its dominant position in the online search market resulting in denial of market access for competing search apps in contravention of Section 4(2)(c) of the Act." Ruling stated.

"Google has leveraged its dominant position in Play Store to protect its dominant position in online general search in contravention of Section 4(2)(e) of the Act.” Commission stated.