2023 on Track to Become Highest Grossing Year for imax

IMAX had a successful year in 2023, crossing the $1 billion mark in global grosses at the Box Office.

IMAX cinema is known for high-resolution equipment and theaters with large screens, tall aspect ratios, and steep seating. The 1.43:1 format is available in limited locations worldwide for selected movies.

Nolan's Oppenheimer played a significant role, grossing $185 million alone in IMAX. A record $231 million came from foreign productions.

2023 could become the highest-grossing year of all time for IMAX, depending on upcoming titles Wonka, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, Shining For One Thing. Dunki and Salaar.

As of now, it is already the 3rd highest-grossing IMAX year globally, surpassed only by 2018's $1.03 billion and 2019's $1.11 billion run.