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Kelsea Ballerini's "Rolling Up the Welcome Mat": An Emotional Journey

By Javed Baloch -  14 - Feb - 23 images via Social Media

Kelsea Ballerini reveals the reasons for her divorce with Morgan Evans in a new short film.

Kelsea Ballerini has released "Rolling Up the Welcome Mat," a 6-track EP. Her break up from Morgan Evans and her emotional journey are central to the EP and short film.

The majority of the EP was written by Ballerini herself, and she described it as a deep dive into the turmoil she witnessed during her relationship breakdown.

The EP contains specific lyrics alluding to her breakup with Evans, and the song "Mountain with a View" reveals her breaking point.

In "Just Married," the singer realises she is going through the steps in her marriage after the love has died down.

"Penthouse" is about a woman who moves into a luxury city apartment after her marriage falls apart and kisses "someone new."

"Interlude" is a diary-like track in which she sings about fans discovering the breakup and the public debate that ensued.

The singer-songwriter wonders in "Blindsided" if her partner truly didn't see the end of their relationship coming.

"Leave Me Again" finds Ballerini ruminating on what her ex is up to and how, despite her heartbreak, she's found herself.