Lena Headey is coming to Netflix!

By Javed Baloch | viageeks.com  27/03/23

Lena Headey is set to make her return to the small screen in the upcoming Netflix series The Abandons.

The official Twitter account of Netflix tweets, "Thrilled to announce that Lena Headey is coming to Netflix! She will play Fiona, a devout matriarch in The Abandons, a new series from

Sons of Anarchy creator  Kurt Sutter. It’s a pulse-pounding action drama that explores that fine line between survival and law in 1850s Oregon."

Famous for playing Queen Cersei in Game of Thrones, Headey will play Fiona, the matriarch of an adoptive family in her comeback series.

The show is said to be the dream project of Kurt Sutter (of Sons of Anarchy (2008) fame) and will be his first project to debut on a streaming platform.

As per the Netflix synopsis "The Abandons" will explore themes of survival, law, violence, and the corrosive power of secrets, as the family fights to keep their land.