ODi Cricket World cup 2023

Most Runs Scored in ODI World Cup History: Kohli at 4

Javed Baloch / 20-10-23 / Images via Creative Commons

With 1243 runs in 21 innings at the One Day International World Cups, the Hitman has joined the top-5 most runs getters.

5. Rohit Sharma

With his 100 vs Bangladesh in group game last night, Virat Kohli enters top-4. 1289 runs so far in 30 innings.

4. Virat kohli

Sri Lankan cricket legend is at number 3 with 1532 runs from 35 ODI World Cups innings.

3. kumar sangakkara

Australia's most successful ODI captain, Ricky Ponting has scored 1743 World Cup runs in 42 innings.

2. Ricky ponting

No surprises there, as ODI great Sachin Tendulkar leads the list with 2278 ODI World Cup runs in 44 innings.

1. Sachin Tendulkar