Netflix Kaleidoscope release date, cast, plot and more

By Javed Baloch | images source: Netflix

Netflix show you can watch out of order

This will be the first series in Netflix history that you can watch out of order. There is no order set for all 8 episodes of the show.

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Kaleidoscope Release Date

This limited Netflix series is coming on the 1st of January 2023.

image source: Netflix

Cast of Kaleidoscope

The movie stars Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewel, Paz Vega, Rosaline Elby, Jai Courtney, Tati Gabrielle and Peter Mark Kendall.

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Created by 

The limited series is created and helmed by Eric Garcia.

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Genre of Kaleidoscope

The show is a crime action thriller set in United States.

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A master thief and his crew plot a grand heist that is worth $7 billion dollars. The plan sees setbacks due to greed, deceit and other mistakes from the crew members.

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