Nicole Kidman and Maya Erskine Unite for HBO Thriller Series Based on Leïla Slimani’s novel The Perfect Nanny

BY Javed Baloch | 29/01/23 Images via Social Media

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Prepare to be on the edge of your seat! Nicole Kidman and Maya Erskine are collaborating on an exciting new limited series.

Nicole Kidman and Maya Erskine are teaming up for a limited thriller series for HBO.

Kidman will not only star in the thriller, based on Lela Slimani's novel The Perfect Nanny, but she will also executive produce it.

Meanwhile, Erskine, besides being executive producer, will also be part of the writing team. The rights for the movie have been acquired by HBO.

Leila Slimani's gripping novel was originally published in France as Chanson Douce (Lullaby) and won the prestigious Prix Goncourt in 2016. The translation 'The Perfect Nanny' became a best seller.

This gripping story follows the complicated relationship between a couple and the nanny they hire.

"A seemingly perfect nanny goes to work for a couple with two young children, but her helpful personality eventually deteriorates into something sinister," HBO's description reads about the plot of the movie.