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OpenAI's Chatbot ChatGPT Gets Web Access with New Plugins

By Javed Baloch -  23/03/23 images via Unsplash

OpenAI has launched plugins for its chatbot, ChatGPT, that enable it to browse the internet and access third-party knowledge sources and databases.

The plugins are currently available in alpha to ChatGPT users and developers on the waitlist, with priority given to premium subscribers before rolling out more widely.

The first-party web-browsing plugin allows ChatGPT to draw data from the web to answer questions, using the Bing search API.

OpenAI has implemented safeguards to prevent fraudulent and spam emails, bypassing safety restrictions, and abuse by bad actors.

Other plugins include a code interpreter for ChatGPT and plugins from early collaborators, such as Expedia, Shopify, and Slack, TechCrunch reported.

According to OpenAi, Adding plugins to ChatGPT allows it to be more versatile and potentially at less legal risk.