Ronaldo vs Messi

Ronaldo posts picture of him and messi together


Cristiano Ronaldo had shared a picture on his social media accounts that is going the break the internet.

Ronaldo shared a picture of him and Messi sitting together in the same table.

There is box on which lies the pieces of the game of chess as both look into the pensive chess mode.

"Victory is a State of Mind. A long tradition of crafting trunks." Reads the caption on the picture.

The caption reveals that the picture is photographed by @annieleibovitz for @LouisVuitton.

Ronaldo vs Messi rivalry is known to all. All the fanwars and media opinions on who is the GOAT of football are a daily routine.

While this picture is for advertisement purposes, the football world will surely love to see these greats of the game play together for the same team one day, for sure.