“Shining For One Thing” Makes History with Record Pre-Sale Numbers

The Chinese romance drama film “Shining For One Thing” is creating quite a buzz in the country’s box office considering its historic pre-sale with days to go before the release.

The drama has made history by surpassing $40 million in pre-sales alone, a historic achievement for the genre. The film is set to debut on December 30, 10 days after Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, which has done modestly so far, and just a day before the highly anticipated Taylor Swift’s tour film “The Eras Tour Film“.

In its 19th day of pre-sales for the December 30 to January 01 period, Shining For One Thing has accumulated a total of $40.7 million so far, and there are still 6 days of pre-sales remaining.

The anticipation is evident with the fact that a substantial 91,000 total screenings already booked for its opening day, one of the grandest release in the country for a film.

Shing For One Thing First 3 Days Historic Pre-Sale

The movie is still raking up huge numbers in its pre-sale ticket booking at the domestic box office with nearly a week to go before it hits theatres.

Here’s a breakdown for the first 3 day of the pre-sales:

  • December 30 (Saturday) Opening Day: $20.7 million
  • December 31 (Sunday) New Year’s Eve: $19.1 million
  • January 01 (Monday) New Year: $880,000

The romantic drama movie features stars Qu Chuxiao and Zhang Jianing in the lead act.

Shining For One Thing New Trailer

Ahead of its December 30 release in theaters, Shining For One Thing recently shared the theme song MV by Shan Yichun and a fresh new trailer, adding to the excitement surrounding its premiere in the theatres from next weekend onwards.

The film’s success in pre-sales indicates strong anticipation and a promising start at the box office.

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