City Fans, Beware: Pep Guardiola’s Shocking Warning for the Upcoming Seasons!

Manchester City have been one of the best teams in Europe for a while now. Their historic UCL victory, first in their history, last season with completing the treble further solidified their incredible run of form at the highest level.

However, Pep Guardiola, the manager mind behind Manchester City’s remarkable successes, recently shared a profound message with the devoted City fans. In his own words, “We won a lot, and in the future, understand this is an exception. It’s not normal to win the Treble, five PL’s in six years.”

Guardiola’s words resonate with the magnitude of City’s accomplishments in recent years. The Treble and a slew of Premier League titles have painted an extraordinary picture of success. However, Pep wants the fans to recognize this for what it is—an exceptional era in the club’s history.

“Continue to enjoy but when the bad moments are coming this season, or next, you have to be there,” Pep tells Man City fans in his message.

It’s a nod to the incredible journey that City and its fans have experienced together.

Pep Guardiola acknowledges the inevitable—challenges will come. Every season brings its share of ups and downs, and Guardiola is preparing the fans for the possibility of tougher times ahead.

Currently second at the English Premiere League with 29 points from 13 games, Man City chase another PL trophy. Arsenal set at the top with 33 points from 14 games, one more game than City. Liverpool and Aston Villa are third and fourth with 28 points each.

Pep Guardiola’s team has already qualified for UEFA Champions League next round and will look to defend their UCL title after making history last season winning their first ever UCL title in the club’s history.

Man City fans have gotten used to so much success in recent times that Pep seems worried they might react badly to any setback in upcoming matches.

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