Ronaldo Calls Messi ‘Magic’

Cristiano Ronaldo was all praise for his arch rival Lionel Messi in his latest interview with Piers Morgan that aired on TalkTV. Ronaldo called Messi an amazing player saying “he is magic, top,”.

Ronaldo has been much talked about in last couple of days as everyone was looking forward to his 90-minutes long bombshell interview with the famous journalist Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo talked about his return to Man United, how he was close to joining rival Man City, about Glazers, and on length about how he felt betrayed by the club and was disrespected by current team manager, Erik Ten Hag.

One of the key topic of the interview was focused on the personal loss of Cristiano where he talked about how he and his family went through one of the toughest period in their life after they had lost newly-born baby son and their newly-born daughter was hospitilized.

Cristiano also talked about the unfair treatment he gets from the English pundits, such as Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville, and how media tries to use his name to sell more headlines.

The former Real Madrid and Juventus player, Ronaldo, also had a lot to say about the current generation of the player, saying they “do not suffer” and “do not care” and thus will struggle to survive at the top level of game after when they hit their 30s.

Among other key topics, his rivalary with Argentinean Lionel Messi was also discussed. There is no doubt that Cristiano and Messi are two of the greatest players of all time and there has been a rivalry going on between them since 16-17 years now.

While the rivalry is always the focus of discussion among the fans and media, there is no doubt that there is a huge mutual respects between both these players.

This is not the first time Ronaldo has heaped praises on Messi. In fact, his son, Cristiano Jr, is a huge fan of Lionel Messi. On the other hand, Messi has always expressed great admiration and respect towards Cristiano on many occassions.

Ronaldo told Piers Morgan, “As a person, we share the stage 16 years, imagine, 16 years we share (on top). So, I have a great relationship with him.”

“Amazing player, he is magic, top,”

When asked if they are friends or anything, Ronaldo was honest on his take about the relationship with Messi. He said,

“I’m not a friend of him in terms of, what I mean friend is the guy who was with you in your house, speaking on the phone, no, but it is like a teammate.”

Ronaldo said that he is huge respect for Messi and his family for the way they treat him and his family,

“He is the guy I really respect the way he always speaks about me. Even his wife or my girlfriend, they always respect and they are from Argentina.”

Ronaldo named Messi as one of the greatest player he has played against alongside Zidane.

“A great guy who does great things for football. Probably the best player I have ever seen. Maybe Zidane. That I play and fight with, yes.”

When asked about whether there is a chance of seeing Cristiano and Messi play together in PSG, Cristiano answered with a smirk that,’

“You can never know in football.”

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