Speed Brutally Mocks Loser Messi After Saudi Arabia Stun Argentina

Speed, ishowspeed or speedy mocked Messi and his national team Argentina after their 2-1 lose against the Saudi Arabia football team in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Saudi Arabia stunned not only Argentina but the whole world of football with their vigilant performance against the World Cup favorites, Lionel Messi’s Argentina, in their opening game in Group C encounter.

Saudi Arabia with this surprise win also ended Argentina’s 36-games unbeaten streak. For the record, Argentina had not lost an international game since July 2019, a streak that lasted 1239 days. They last team to beat Argentina before Saudi Arabia were Brazil, South American rival of Argentina.

Argentina are one of the favorites to win the World Cup 2022 alongside Brazil and France.

Saudi had a 30/1 odds to upset Argentina and less than 1% chance was given to them by multiple apps that are used to predict outcomes of football matches using different set of analytics data.

While this loss was heartbreaking for the fans of Argentina and Lionel Messi, there were many who loved the outcome.

Saudi Arabia are in the celebration mode so much that the Kingdom has announced a public holiday to celebrate the historical feat.

Saudi Arabia vs Argentina FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Credits @FIFAWorldCup on Twitter

One happy fan was popular YouTube streamer Speed. Speed is a big Ronaldo and a big critic of Messi. Messi vs Ronaldo is the biggest and most talked about rivalry in the history of the game.

Speed, who also has multiple songs released to his name, took on Twitter to share his excitement on the defeat of Argentina and Messi in particular.

Speed is famous for his “Sewey” song which is dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo and his iconic celebration ” Siuuuu “. Besides that, Speed also has a song dedicated to Qatar World Cup 2022 available on his YouTube on his channel, ishowspeed.

The 17 year old American Youtuber and content creator IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins, is immensely popular among the youth. Speed recently completed 13 million subscribers on YouTube.

Speed was centre of attention in the Sidemen Charity Game of 2022 as he was constantly offside and made a rash tackle on KSI.

Here on Tuesday, after Saudi’s historical win over Messi’s Argentina, Speed laughed at Messi for being offside. Two Argentina goals were ruled offside by the referee as they went on to lose the game after conceding 2 second half goals.

In total, Argentina players were found offside 10 times in the entire game, most in a single World Cup game since VAR’s introduction in 2018.

Here is what Speed tweeted on Argentina’s defeat against Saudi Arabia in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in Group C game.

IShowSpeed also mocked Messi for being offside

Argentina has two games remaining against Poland and Mexico in Group C as they can not afford any further slip up.

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