‘CAT’ Netflix Review: Thrilling and Engaging With Gritty Performances

CAT Netflix Review

Netflix new Indian show “CAT” is one great watch for multiple good reasons. It is thrilling, engaging and has some very fine performances from both the lead actors and supporting cast.

Politics and drugs are the main theme of “CAT”. When it is a show based on Indian politics, there is always a dose of revenge drama involved. Randeep Hooda portrays the lead role of CAT.

CAT Netflix review | 'CAT' Netflix Review: Thrilling and Engaging With Gritty Performances
CAT Netflix Poster (Source: Netflix)

Story of CAT

The thriller takes place in the region of Punjab. In fact, the original language of the show in Punjabi which makes it more realistic looking when watched in Punjabi.

The movie starts with the background story of Randeep Hooda as CAT, back in 1980-1990, where he becomes a informant of Punjab police in their quest of eradicating terrorists gangs of the time.

The show also sheds light on how the young boy became a police informant in the first place. This piece of information actually plays a major part in the climax of the first season but that is only revealed in later part of the show.

Well, the young Punjabi kid gets his reward for helping the police as Sehtab Singh (Suvinder Vicky), head of the police in the mission, provides a house and new identity to him to live a better life with his younger brother and sister.

The movie has the background roots of 1980s of Punjab but is set in present day in the era of Nokia keypad phones. Punjab is now under the influence of drugs. Politicians are fuelling their regimes with the money from the business of drugs.

Randeep Hooda, from young Gary to Gurnam Singh, is now a motor mechanic. His younger sister is married and settled in Canada. However, his younger brother, also trying to get to Canada, gets into trouble by selling drugs and is sent to jail.

Being the big brother and head of the family, Gurnam Singh goes to Sehtab Singh for help. Everything comes at a price. Here is when Sehtab Singh, who is going to retire soon, gets to play a real game where Gurnam Singh plays the key role. Gurnam Singh gets back to working for him as undercover CAT again.

The movie then revolves how Gurnam Singh navigates through the drug cartel of the political leader, Madam Alukah (Geeta Agarwal), and helps Sehtab Singh to bring it down. However, everything and everyone is not what they look from the outside, as Gurnam Singh finds new things about his past which change everything.


Randeep Hooda is absolutely phenomenal in his act as Gurnam Singh. This is his first outing on OTT in a web series and he shows why he is one of the best actors in Indian cinema.

Randeep Hooda as CAT | 'CAT' Netflix Review: Thrilling and Engaging With Gritty Performances
Randeep Hooda as CAT/Gurnam Singh (Source: Netflix)

Hasleen Kaur as Babita Masih, playing an ASI in Punjab police, looks honest in her approach towards her role. She might be the only character in the movie with almost no negative shades in her role. While almost all other characters are mostly laden with more negatives than positives. You would feel disappointed at times to not see any badass actions and dialogues from her. Her performance, though, is still great at larger parts.

Sehtab Singh, played by Suvinder Vicky, is the most hard to judge role. You would never know the true intentions are behind the face. The role is played brilliantly and it is the other key character in the movie besides Randeep Hooda. You have to watch the show to decide for yourself if he is a hero or the villian of the show.

The young version of Gurnam Singh aka Gary played by Abhishant Rana is a very well acted part. Kavya Thapar and Coral Bhamra, who play Kimi Aulakh and Keerat Aulakh, have done a reasonably fine job. Geeta Agrawal as Madam Aulakh is excellent in his act as drug kingpin and political leader, Madam Aulakh.

However, Neha Pawar, who plays the role of young Madam Aulakh in a very limited time-frame, shows a more realistic image of Madam Aulakh than Geeta Agrawal. You actually wish she had carried on her act as Madam Aulakh.

The standout performances from the supporting cast has to be of that of Daksh Ajit Singh as Laadi, Pramod Pathak as Chandan Kumar, Sukhwinder Chahal as Mukhtyar Singh. Watch the show and you would see that for yourself.

Should I Stream CAT or Not?

The answer is a big YES.

The plot is brilliant, the performances are realistic, and the cinematography is simply the cherry on top. In fact, the movie’s setting in Punjab feels and looks so authentic that you believe this show was shot during the era depicted.

Do not miss CAT if you are looking for an thrilling and engaging Indian show on Netflix. If you can, watch it in originally Punjabi language as the Hindi version doesn’t sound one bit close to the feel of the series.

CAT Netflix Cast and Their Characters in the Show

CAT has some great performances from these fine actors.

  • Randeep Hooda as Gurnam Singh
  • Hasleen Kaur as Babita Masih
  • Geeta Agrawal as Madam Aulakh
  • Suvinder Vicky as Sehtab Singh
  • Pramod Pathak as Chandan Kumar
  • Daksh Ajit Singh as Lakhwinder Singh aka Laadi
  • Kavya Thapar as Kimi Aulakh
  • Coral Bhamra as Sweety
  • Raman Deep Yadav as Saaba
  • Danish Patap Sood as Sunny Singh
  • Eklavey Kashyap as Rocky Ranjha
  • Rehmat Rattan as Keerat Aulakh
  • Manish Gulati as Monty Singh
  • Neha Pawar as Young Madam Aulakh
  • Sukhwinder Chahal as Mukhtyar Singh
  • Gurinder Makna as Baljit Singh Rajpuria aka Bill
  • Sachin Negi as Heera
  • Abhishant Rana as young Gurnam Singh/Gary
  • Jaipreet Singh as Shamsher Singh
  • Elisha Mayor as Sehar Batra
  • Swaran Singh as Dilbag Singh
  • Narinder Rana as Swaroop Singh
  • Kul Sidhu as Nimrat Kaur
  • Yuvraj Gadhvai as Hirak Joshi

CAT Netflix Maturity Rating

The show CAT is rated 18+ on Netflix due to voilence, use of abusive language, use of substances, and for its overall mature themes.

CAT Episodes

There are total of 8 episode in season 1 of CAT with each defined with a name.

  1. The Deal
  2. The Invasion
  3. The Imposter
  4. The Takeover
  5. The Crossroad
  6. The Escape
  7. The Deciet
  8. The Masterplan

CAT Netflix Season 2

The climax and ending of the CAT first season pave the way for a second season of the series. The way the makers have ended the series shows that Randeep Hooda would be back in action for the second season to seek his revenge on people who used him for their own profit.

It is not clear when they the makers will makers will go on floors for the next season, we can expect it to come around somewhere in 2024 at least.

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