“The media uses my name to sell stories” Cristiano Ronaldo can’t win against clickbait media

Cristiano Ronaldo is, arguably, the biggest name in world of football. He is always in the headlines. He has got a massive fan following. But that is not only it. The number of people who dislike and oppose him are in huge numbers as well.

Currently, the 37 years old, is going through a phase. He is a free agent after mutually agreeing to terminate his contract at Premier League side, Manchester United. He did an interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV which sent ripples through the football world.

The bombshell interview was aired just days before the grandest football event, FIFA Men’s Football World Cup, in Qatar. Cristiano Ronaldo had just joined his national team in preparation for the World Cup.

The World Cup in Qatar is his 5th participation in a FIFA World Cup in Portugal’s shirt. This is probabaly going to be his last. When the next World Cup starts in 2026, Cristiano Ronaldo will turn 41.

On Tuesday, when Portugal announced their starting line-up against Switzerland, there was a surprise exclusion of that Portugal’s talisman Cristiano Ronaldo as Goncalo Ramos, the 21 years old Benfica forward, was preferred to lead the attack.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Switzerland | "The media uses my name to sell stories" Cristiano Ronaldo can't win against clickbait media
Cristiano Ronaldo applauding fans after the match vs Switzerland | Qatar World Cup

Fernando’s Santos Portugal had a great start to the game as they closed the first half with a comfortable 2-0 lead. They went on to score 4 more goals in second half. Switzerland got one back at 58th minute but eventually lost the game 6-1 and went out of the World Cup in an embarrassing fashion.

Goncalo Ramos completed his hat-trick, a remarkable achievement as it was his first start in a competitive game for Portugal. While it certainly was his night, the attention of media and fans was on someone else.

Cristiano Ronaldo was subbed on at the 73rd minute of the game when Portugal were already in the driving seat with a 5-1 lead. The Portugal’s fans chanted ” Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldo ” as CR7 made his way into the pitch with a right smile.

Meanwhile, Pepe, who scored Portugal’s second goal of the night with a thumping header, ran all the way from his defensive position to tie the captain armband on Cristiano Ronaldo’s arm showing a great level of respect for the great player.

The applauds of the fans and the gesture from Pepe shows that they absolutely love and respect Cristiano for what he has done for the national team over the years.

The media has consistently been sharing news about fall-out between Cristiano Ronaldo and certain players and between the coach as well. None of that has been entirely true. Most of it has been clickbait as usual.

Portugal’s first goal vs Uruguay became a hot topic in media. They tried to make him look the villain for celebrating a goal that was crucial for Portugal’s chances at qualifying for round of 16.

In the match against South Korea, Ronaldo was again in the news for something he said to the opponent player. The media tried to convince everyone that it was directed towards his manager. Fernando Santos and Portugal’s players had to come in and gave explanations and even Ronaldo himself had to declare to the media the real reason behind what he said.

Despite all that, he was portrayed as the bad guy by clickbait media.

The headlines did not stop there. When Cristiano was benched against Switzerland in Portugal’s knock-out game, clickbait media got to work instantly. All eyes were on him and him only.

Every reaction of Cristiano was recorded. Cameras were fixed on him for a reaction every time Portugal scored. Cristiano remain cool, calm and collected. He knows what is happening around him.

The media didn’t get the bite they were expecting from Ronaldo. He was seen enjoying and cheering every goal scored by his fellow players.

He was the first one to go towards the Portugal’s fans section and clap for the travelling fans. He was even seen calling his teammates to clap for the fans.

There was nothing in Ronaldo’s behaviour that showed that was furious or anything after being benched by Fernando Santos. He seemed to have accepted the tactical change made by the Portugal’s coach.

But that did not stop the clickbait media from making a few misleading clickbait headlines to generate their daily dose of engagement in the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. Here are a few examples;

Cristiano Ronaldo was the first one to applaud the fans but that would not fit the agenda, right!
Ronaldo and Patricio watching the game but the media is trying to make it look like Ronaldo is unhappy being on the bench
Tells you everything.
Media was telling everyone that he walked “straight off”.. hmm!

The list goes on. This is just few examples. Cristiano Ronaldo can never win against the clickbait media and it is getting so annoying.

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