James Gunn Reveals Why Rocket’s Emotional Journey Is the Focus of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’

Guardians of the Galaxy fans have long admired the lovable yet tough weapons expert Rocket, but in the upcoming Vol. 3, writer and director James Gunn plans to delve deeper into the character’s backstory and explore the root of his sad actions and expressions long observed by the fans of the franchise.

James Gunn Believes Rocket’s Backstory Is Essential

In a recent interview with Collider, Gunn shared his thoughts on Rocket’s emotional journey saying, “I just kind of had this vision of this really horrible past for this little animal that was taken as an animal, a little innocent creature, and turned into something he wasn’t supposed to be, torn apart and put back together again, and that his life was incredibly painful and he was incredibly alone because there’s nothing else like him. And so that idea of Rocket was there from the beginning.”

According to Gunn, Rocket’s story is about the self, making it more intimate than the previous two movies in the franchise.

He believes that Rocket’s journey will be the core of Vol. 3 and is excited to tell the character’s full story.

“… it was very important for me to tell this story because this was the thing that got me to write the first movie,” he tells Collider.

Rocket’s Emotional Catalyst Role in the Movies

Rocket has always acted as a passionate spark in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

He is going to confronted with his dearth of feelings of compassion for anybody outside of his group in Vol. 3.

Rocket, Gunn believes, is a mirror of himself, and the film is an expression of that.

Rocket’s backstory is critical to understanding his situation. Rocket’s rage and fear, Gunn believes, stem from being taken and transformed into something he shouldn’t be.

Gunn said in an interview with Marvel.com, “The first story is the story of the mother; the second film is the story of the father, and this film is the story of the self, so it’s innately more intimate because of that.”

Gunn’s Personal Connection to Rocket’s Story

James Gunn’s personal connection to Rocket’s story is going to be evident in his approach to the beloved Guardians of the Galaxy character.

Gunn thanks Marvel Studios for trusting him to be himself in his direction and tell the story he felt was most important.

Gunn stats that, “Rocket’s the one I feel close to, so this is my story. Rocket is me, in so many ways, I did feel like this movie is really me and Marvel Studios was great in that they trusted me to be me like they always have.”

Rocket’s backstory is set to take center stage in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. James Gunn believes that the character’s emotional journey is essential to the movie’s theme of self-discovery.

Rocket’s isolation and sadness are rooted in his backstory, and exploring these emotions make Vol. 3 the most intimate and emotional movie in the franchise.

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