Samurai Series ‘SHOGUN’ Local Trailer Drops Ahead of Japanese Debut

DisneyPlus released a new local trailer for the period samurai series “SHOGUN” in Japan that stars Hiroyuki Sanada.

It will premiere in Japan on February 19, ahead of its global debut on FX, Hulu, and Disney+ on February 27.

“SHOGUN” is based on James Clavell’s novel and is set in Japan in the year 1600 during a civil war.
The story follows Lord Yoshii Toranaga as he fights for his life against enemies on the Council of Regents, and it involves a mysterious European ship found in a nearby fishing village.

TV mini-series titled “Shogun” set in the 17th Century, where a sailor named John Blackthorne rises from outsider to samurai, becoming a pawn in Japanese leader Toranaga’s struggle for power.

The series premieres on February 27, 2024, and stars Anna Sawai, Cosmo Jarvis, Hiroyuki Sanada, and others.

Watch the latest local trailer below:

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