Ronaldo Breaks Record for Most Wins in Football History

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese professional footballer, has made history yet again by becoming the player with the most number of wins in football history. The legendary forward has now completed 755 victories in his illustrious career. He is also the footballer with most number of goals scored at professional level in the history of football.

Ronaldo achieved this feat during his time with his current club, Al-Nassr, in their recent 3-1 victory over Al-Batin.

Apart from his personal records, Ronaldo has also been instrumental in improving his team’s performance. His impact was recently highlighted in Al Nassr team, where the club scored 14 goals in five games with Ronaldo’s involvement, compared to just five goals in their last five games without him.

The team’s clutch performance was once again evident in Al Nassr’s recent victory against their opponents, where they scored three goals in the 93rd, 102nd, and 105th minute of the match to make a comeback.

Ronaldo’s influence is not limited to the pitch, as he recently made the dreams of a young Syrian boy come true. Nabil Saeed, who is a big fan of Ronaldo, had expressed his desire to meet the football superstar. His wish came true when he got the opportunity to meet Ronaldo in person and take a picture with him before the Al-Nassr vs Al-Batin game.

Al-Nassr are currently on top of the Saudi Pro League table with 46 points in 19 games this season.

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