Sidemen Charity Match: Best Reactions From Twitter

The sidemen charity game, which is a football match that featured famous and popular YouTube content creators returned back after a four years long absence, provided full entertainment to over 2 million viewers who watched the live stream on YouTube.

The match was played between Sidemen FC and YouTube All Stars. The match was organised to raise donations for charity. The sidemen charity match raised over €1,000,000.

The game ended with Sidemen FC winning the scoreline of 8-7. For Sidemen FC, Miniminter was the star player scoring a hat-trick of goals. TBJZL scored a brace, while Vikkstar123, ChrisMD and Manny chipped in with one goal each.

On the other hand, YouTube All Stars scored 7 goals but lost the game with a one goal deficit in the end. Niko scored a brace while Chunkz, Filly, Baker, Castero and Willne all scored one goal each for the team. Speed scored a goal that was ruled offside. His celebration was cut short by the linesman.

Despite not scoring a goal in the game, Speed was the centre of attention mainly because of his reckless tackling and fun banter with the referees of the match.

We have picked the best tweets and reactions from football twitter for you below.

Speed does not seem impressed with his goal being ruled by the linesman.
Football twitter loved the entertainment factor and money raised for charity. Kudos
What a game. What a scoreline!
You do not mess with Speed, ref!
Speed got the skills haha!
No competition there, really. Speed is clear of KSI.
For real. Well done everyone.
Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest of all time. Fact!
iShowSpeed, you win.
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