Football Twitter Roasts Beyonce Fan Who Claims Singer is More Popular Than Ronaldo

A twitter user tweeted that she does not agree that football players are crazy popular. She went on to claim that Beyoncé, American singer-songwriter, is more popular in the world than any footballer.

Since her tweet, the section of twitter that represents football, popularly known as “Football Twitter”, took offense to that tweet and bombared the said tweet with justification and memes.

So far, there has been more than 10k+ quote tweets posted on the user’s tweet. The quote tweets and replies have outnumbered the number of the likes and retweets on the tweet.

Football twitter is a huge community of a devoted fanbase that idolises different players beside following and supporting their respective favorite clubs and national teams.

Players like Cristiano, Messi, Neymar, etc have a massive active fanbase on twitter who are always ready to show their support to their favorite players on the platform.

However, on this particular tweet, it seems whole rival fan bases have come together to roast the user who believes footballers are not as popular as other celebrities like Beyonce.

Everyone is allowed to have their opinions on social media. But to downplay the influence of world’s most famous and influential players like Cristiano is not going to set right with his fans and supporters.

Cristiano merely moved two Coca-Cola bottles and the share of the company saw a massive decline the very next day. Football Twitter is also the place where you get the best memes on twitter. They troll everyone from players to politicians. They do not spare anyone. This is one of the reason why football twitter is called a toxic place by many.

This twitter user was not spared from meme fest as well. Here are some of the best and popular reaction from Football Twitter on the particular tweet:

This is the original tweet.
Ronaldo has over 480 million followers on Instagram, the most. Well!
Beyonce can never. Not a chance.
iShowSpeed had to make his entry in here. Siuuuuu.

A user added a TikTok reference and the statistics are incredibly in favor of Ronaldo and Messi.
The most iconic celebration ever for sure.
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