Toni Kroos Discuses ‘El Clásico’ and Emotional Ramos Reunion in Podcast

Real Madrid midfielder maestro Toni Kroos spoke about the upcoming ‘El Clásico’ match against Barcelona in his podcast “Einfach mal luppen”, a weekly podcast run in collab with his brother Felix Kroos.

Kroos also spoke on his reunion with his former teammate Sergio Ramos who now plays for Madrid’s La Liga rival Sevilla. The German midfielder talked about the tensions experienced on the field during the recent Sevilla-Real Madrid clash where Sergio Ramos was once again at the focus of a heated argument. The match ended 1-1 allowing Real Madrid to maintain their top-of-the-table position.

In the latest episode, Kroos when asked about El Clásico’s importance in deciding the league season, stated,” Well, no. It’s an important match in terms of the league standings, but in a way, it’s also key because it’s the match that it is.”

Kroos further said, “To put it another way: this match has its own ranking.”

“We’re going to Barcelona to win. If we can win, we’d be four points ahead of Barcelona, which wouldn’t mean a thing. And if we lose, we’ll be two points behind Barcelona, which wouldn’t mean anything either. But it’s clear that we want to win.”

On the importance of the greatest rivalry in football, Kroos asserted that, “‘ El Clásico’ is ‘El Clásico.'”

Reflecting on his reunion with Sergio Ramos, his former captain at Real Madrid, Kroos shared insights into a brief on-field exchange: “I was a little far away from him because of my position. In the end, there was this little brawl where I suggested he calm everyone down. It worked, except with the fans, but that’s a different matter. On the pitch, things quickly calmed down.

It was reported that Sergio Ramos went to the dressing room of Real Madrid to meet his former teammates and stayed for over half an hour.

Kroos confirmed that by stating, “Afterward, we saw each other in the dressing room, which was nice. At Madrid, we enjoyed success together for many years. I said on several occasions that he was one of the best central defenders and captains of all time.”

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