Casemiro: Never Seeing Straight Red at Madrid to Seeing Red Twice at United in 3 Games

Casemiro, the Brazilian footballer who never received a straight red card during his seven-year career at Real Madrid, has already been sent off twice in only three Premier League games since joining Manchester United.

Casemiro was shown a straight red card after the studs-showing tackle against Southampton’s Carlos Alcaraz just after half hour of the game.

Casemiro’s last three Premier League appearances have been nothing short of disastrous. He was sent off in the first game against Crystal Palace, and then went on to lose 7-0 against Liverpool. Things became even worse when he was sent off once more during the game against Southampton, leaving him in despair.

The consequences of these red cards may well be disastrous for both Casemiro and Manchester United. Given this is his second red card of the season, he faces a four-game suspension, leaving the club without one of their main players in a crunch time in season.

The referee’s decision to show the Man United’s defensive midfielder a red card in the Southampton game has been called into question by the Man United supporters saying that the game was influenced by the referee’s actions. The game ended in a draw as Man United continue to drop points in the league.

Ten Hag, the manager of Man United, lashed out against the decision of the referee, saying, “Casemiro played over 500 games in Europe and never once got a red card. Now he has two in the Premier League. His absence is not the issue. We will deal with that. This game was influenced by the referee.”

“What I think is the inconsistency, players don’t know any more what the policy is,” he added.

Meanwhile Casemiro, who clearly won the ball in the red-card offence, was seen going over to Carlos Alcaraz to apologise for his studs-up tackle, and looked distraught as left the pitch only after 34 minutes on the pitch.

Only time will tell how Casemiro’s four game ban will effect Manchester United’s season in the Premier League as the push for a top-four finish, but one thing is certain: the midfielder will need to be more cautious in his upcoming matches to prevent more red cards and suspensions.

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