Football Twitter Reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo Shock Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portugal international, has taken a bold move late in his career to publicly criticise his current club, Manchester United, and its management. Snippets from the interview have already sent shockwaves across the football world.

The two-part interview that will last for 90 rather long minutes will be telecasted on TalkTV this coming Wednesday and Thursday. The shocking interview will be part of the Piers Morgan Uncensored program.

Some of the revelation from arguably the greatest football player of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, has unsurprisingly and predictably shaken the entire football world.

From expressing his frustration with the club’s lack of progress in infrastructure to saying he doesn’t respect the current manager, Erik Ten Hag, to revealing that he was hurt when the club showed no empathy towards him and his family during a personal loss, Cristiano has spoken honestly and openly.

While the sensational interview has divided the fanbase, it is almost certain that Cristiano Ronaldo’s relationship with Manchester United is now completely broken. Both parties are broadly believed to be looking to part ways as soon as the January transfer window opens following the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Here is how football fans reacted on the sneak peaks of the Cristiano’s shocking interview on Social Media site Twitter:
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