Supercomputer Predicts Man United Chances at Winning UEL After Barcelona Draw

Supercomputer, FiveThirtyEight that uses SPI ratings, has predicted that Manchester United have a minimal chance at winning the Uefa Europa League after drawing against Barcelona. According to supercomputer prediction, Man United now have a 4 percent chance at winning the European title after the conclusion of UEL Round of 16 draw that was carried out on Monday.

Man United finished second in their Group E as Spanish club Real Sociedad finished first despite losing the last game of the league phase against Man United. United had to settle for the second position as they failed to beat to beat Real Sociedad by 2 goals to overcome the head-to-head record against them.

Finishing 2nd in the Group E of first round meant Man United would face a team that has been knocked out of Champions League group phase. Barcelona failed to qualify to the next round of UCL as Milan and Bayern Munich booked the first two places in their UCL group.

Ten Hag’s Manchester United now have a hard task of beating the Spanish giant Barcelona which are currently manged by Xavi.

Xavi’s Barcelona are favorites to win the Europa League title by the data predictions of the Supercomputer with a percentage chance at 23%.

They are followed by current English Premier League topper, Arsenal, with a 18% chance. Ten Hag’s former club, Ajax, are third favorite with a 10% chance at winning the UEL trophy.

FiveThrityEight Supercomputer gives Man United a 4% chance at title alongside PSV, Real Sociedad, Feyenood and FC Freiburg.

Meanwhile, Man United a 28% chance of beating Barcelona to progress to the next round of the competition, according to the data prediction by FiveThirtyEight.

Supercomputer also predicts that Man United have a 8% chance of reaching the UEL final which is going to played in Budapest on 31st of May next year.

The Supercomputer, FiveThirtyEight, uses SPI ratings that employees both attacking and defensive components to analysis which team has the best balance and best chances at winning a particular game against a certain team. It accumulates data from a set target of games and come up with the predictions about which teams has the best chances at winning the particular competition.

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