“No Bad Time” for Eden Hazard, Says Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos

In an interview with Eleven Belgium, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti stated that his objective is to win games rather than to give every player on his team equal playing time. The media have been grilling Ancelotti about Eden Hazard’s playing time, which has been marred by injuries and poor performances since he arrived at the club in 2019.

Ancelotti made it clear that his focus is on winning, regardless of a player’s salary or age. I’m not here to give each player minutes, I’m here to win games. I don’t look at how much a player earns or how old he is. I put together a team to win games, nothing more.” he said.

While Hazard may be frustrated due to the lack of game time at the club of his dream, Toni Kroos backed the side’s stance. He underlined that players must win their game time depending on their on-field performances.

Talking to Eleven, Kroos stated, “I have no mercy. Hazard isn’t having a bad time. You can feel sorry for those who are having a much worse time,”

Real Madrid’s focus on winning the La Liga title and the Champions League would necessitate more work from players like Hazard in order to obtain a spot in the starting eleven.

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