Netflix’s “A Girl and an Astronaut”: Reviews Call it Slow, Mediocre Sci-Fi Series

The new Netflix series, A Girl and an Astronaut, is a Polish science fiction show that follows the story of an astronaut named Niko who returns to Earth after a 30-year space mission. The show is directed by Bartosz Prokopowicz and written by Agata Malesinsk, and consists of six episodes, each with an average runtime of 50-55 minutes.

While the show’s premise may seem interesting, reviewers have been mostly critical of it. Greg Wheeler of The Review Geek describes it as a “bad TV show full stop,” and compares watching it to a “laborious slog through uneventful mediocrity with the faint whisper of something more exciting on the horizon.” He also notes that the ending of the series is damaging to the characters and that the cliffhanger finish and character choices “belie belief.”

Jonathon Wilson for ReadySteadyCut also criticizes the show, calling it a “sedate sci-fi drama” and an “experiment into how sedate a sci-fi drama can get.” He further notes that the show’s creators were overly confident in their visual effects, which distracted from the “insufficient human component” of the show. He concludes that the show lacks a resonant story, making it adrift.

leisurebyte adds to the criticisms, noting that the show’s biggest issue is the lack of character development, making it difficult to empathize with the characters and care about the story’s outcome. Additionally, the show’s narrative jumps back and forth between 2022 and 2052, but the time travel element is poorly executed.

In conclusion, A Girl and an Astronaut has received mostly negative reviews from critics. While the show’s premise may seem intriguing, it fails to deliver on character development, story coherence, and execution, making it a difficult watch for sci-fi fans.

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