'Alice in Borderland' Japanese Sci-fi series creates Netflix record

By Javed Baloch | viageeks.com images source: Netflix

Netflix's Japanese Science fiction series, based on the graphic novel by Haro Aso, 'Alice in Boderland' is enjoying great success and setting records on the streaming platform.

Netflix have confirmed that 'Alice in Boderland' is now the most-watched series ever from Japan on the platform.

The second season of the show was the number 1 watched Non-English show on Netflix from December 19 to December 25 with 61.19 million hours of watch time.

The sci-fi show has made its way into the Top 10 in 90 countries on Netflix. It was on 7th in United States in last week.

The first season of the show released two years ago had garnered over 18 million watch hours and grabbed the #2 spot on Netflix's global charts.

Here is the plot of the show on Netflix, "When an aimless gamer in Tokyo is suddenly thrown into a survival game set in a parallel wasteland, he has to use all his skills to win or die trying."