Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Break Up: What Happened?

By Javed Baloch -  12/Feb/23 All images via Social Media 

Fans are speculating that actress Megan Fox and rapper Machine Gun Kelly have ended their relationship after Fox deleted all of 

their photos together on Instagram and posted a video of a letter burning with lyrics from Beyoncé's "Pray You Catch Me."

The post was captioned with lyrics about dishonesty, adding fuel to the fire of cheating rumors. To make matters more interesting, 

Fox has then started following Eminem on Instagram, a move that has drawn attention due to his past with Machine Gun Kelly.

Moreover, Fox has also started following Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet, besides Eminem, a move that some believe is a way for her to rub it in Kelly's face.

These developments have fans speculating that Fox has ended the relationship with Kelly. The recent deletion of their photos 

together and Fox's cryptic posts have led fans to believe that their relationship has come to an end as they speculate the real reason behind the fall out.

At the time of writing, neither Fox nor Kelly has commented on the situation. Fans will have to wait and see if they address the rumors or if the reasons remain a mystery.