Shakira discovered Pique's infidelities by checking refrigerator

BY Javed Baloch | 16/01/23 Images via social media

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After the release of the song 'BZRP Music Sessions 3', Shakira and her ex Gerard Pique are all over the news.

Media has reported that Shakira discovered that Pique was cheating on her with another woman after checking her refrigerator.

In an interview later, Shakira told the press that she had assumed certain things were different at home after she checked her refrigerator.

It was confirmed on Univision's show 'El Gordo y la Flaco' that she hired detectives to confirm Pique's infidelity. 

Shakira didn't want the news to be public but the detective agency betrayed her and disclosed the news to the media.

In the same show, it was also revealed that Shakira has access to secret pictures of Pique and his new love, which might never be made public as Shakira had paid for them and wants to keep them private.

The girl who Pique had affair with is said to be a 22-year-old student who worked at night in a nightclub that Pique used to visit frequently.