UAE couldn't qualify for football WorldCup22 in Qatar, but overflow of supporters is expected to crowd its resorts, eateries, and airlines.

Dubai, is likely to benefit if, as predicted, fans choose to reside in Dubai rather than small Gulf ally Qatar for football WC.

Specialists believe high lodging charges in Qatar and Dubai's somewhat relaxed culture - along with a higher supply of liquor - might tempt spectators.

As per James Swanston, Economist at Capital Economics, Dubai "has relatively relaxed social norms in regards of certain parts of culture, such as alcohol & dressing"

Dubai Sports Council estimates 1 million fans are expected. Dubai is ready, fans hotspots planned at parks, beaches,with resorts providing special deals.

As per official numbers, Dubai has 760+ hotels with over 140,000 rooms in May, a major increase from 2019.

Shuttle planes from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait will also operate to ease congestion on Doha that has 2.4 million citizens already.

The Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar kick starts on 20th November and will end on 18th December.