New Adam Sandler Movies Releasing on Netflix Soon

BY Javed Baloch | 19/01/23 Images via Netflix/Social Media 

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Not only Adam Sandler produces multiple films for Netflix every year under his banner, Happy Maddison Productions, but also plays a lead role in many original Netflix films as well.

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Here is a brief look at what Adam Sandler's starters are coming on Netflix in 2023. 

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Murder Mystery 2

The first 'Murder Mystery' was a huge success on Netflix. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will go international as they returns as detectives at Spitz. Movie will arrive on March 31st. 


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Adam Sandler will voice the lead act Leo, a Lizard who has been stuck in a classroom for all life, in the upcoming animated comedy film. Releases on November 22nd, 2023.


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Story of an orphan, from humble beginning to becoming an astronaut, will be directed by Johan Renack and will probably come in Fall of 2023.


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You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah

The comedy movie, based on the book by Fiona Rosenbloom, will tell the story of a girl's bat mitzvah that eventually threatens to ruin her teen life.


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Safdie Brothers Untitled Project

Safdie Brothers and Adam Sandler will team up after Uncut Gems which is reportedly about baseball cards in the 90s New York City.


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